Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baby Bump

Who Says You Can't Grow an Avocado?

The Beauty of a Greenhouse...

Tomatoes in June in Maine!

Benton's Visit

What does every farmer need? A nephew to visit him for a week. We put Benton to work this week with compost screening, greenhouse watering, and lots of planting. In between the hours of work he and Sam were able to squeeze in some mackerel fishing on the bay, a salt marsh paddle, and lots of clamming.

Greg & Andrea & the Nephews

We were treated to a visit by Greg & Andrea and the three nephews (Benton, Andrew, and sweet baby James). In typical Cheeney fashion, much work was done (including the finishing of the tractor shed - yes!) and lots of good food was eaten. We even got to squeeze in a swim.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boar's Nest Cabin

What does every farmer need? The occasional canoe trip. Sam and I paddled up the Narraguagus River in Cherryfield (Maine) and stayed at an old 1930's cabin for a night. One of the highlights was the one pot dish of pork chops, potatoes, kale, garlic scapes, and onions that Sam cooked up - almost all food grown by us or the farm down the street.

First Farmers' Market

Our first Milbridge Farmers' Market was a success! Sue Hubbell (who wrote A Country Year and A Book of Bees) was our first customer.